Bimber – Single Cask #93 – Virgin Cask – LMDW

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Bimber Distillery is a craft micro-distillery based in north London. Their first Casks of Whisky were laid down on 26th May 2016 and the inaugural release of their single malt whisky (The First) was bottled three years later in September of 2019.

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The founders of London’s Bimber distillery, Dariusz and Ewelina, moved from Poland to the UK in 2003, opening their distillery in the Park Royal area of west London twelve years later. Plazewski inherited his passion for whisky from his grandfather, who also distilled his own spirits. The company’s first casks were laid down on the 26th May 2016, and three years later they released their first single malt in September 2019. This became the first whisky to be distilled and bottled in London for over a century. The distillery carries a “farm-to-bottle” approach by sourcing 100% of its barley from a single producer and using traditional floor maltings and slow fermentation techniques. Distillation takes place via a 1,000-litre wash still and a 600-litre spirit still that were both crafted by Hoga of Spain.

A single cask release from London’s Bimber distillery.

Exceptional Quality Single virgin cask #93 was bottled in September 2020, yielding 257 bottles.

Bottled exclusively for La Maison Du Whisky.


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