Filey Bay IPA Cask Finish – Batch 1

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Grown, brewed and distilled by Filey Bay, this Yorkshire single malt has been finished in ex-IPA casks to add layers of bitter hops to this fruity whisky. The palate offers notes of shortbread biscuits, green apples, pear drops, lemon cake and hops that linger in the finish.

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Filey Bay IPA Finish Batch #1

Grown, brewed and distilled by us. This release explores the possibilities of our unique position as farmers, brewers and distillers. Alongside Wold Top Brewery, our sister company, we’ve finished our light and fruity single malt in ex-IPA casks, creating something completely unusual, distinctive and absolutely delicious.

Tasting notes: Light, fruity and biscuity with notes of green apple, pear drops, lemon cake and hops.

The result of forward-thinking, progressive maturation techniques and the passion we have at every stage of what we do. Filey Bay IPA Finish, 100% field to bottle in every sense bringing our farm, brewery and distillery together in one whisky.

Joe Clark, Whisky Director, Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery

Want to taste the beer and whisky side by side?

Beautifully rounded, this award-winning beer has a smooth full-bodied taste where hints of soft citrus fruits and hoppy bitter notes marry with the light, creamy, vanilla flavours from the Filey Bay whisky.


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