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    Absolutely brilliant customer service, above and beyond, to make sure my delivery arrived before Christmas. Really couldn’t have been more professional.

    Peter Ronnie

    Simon has a great selection, reasonable pricing, fast shipping and quality packaging. My whisky arrived in perfect condition. Can’t wait to pour a few drams.

    Morgan Schafer

    Great customer service! Excellent whisky retailer highly recommended.

    Dean Beaton
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      How are we different at Whisky Estate?

      Here at Whisky Estate we have a simple business philosophy – to supply the best whisky from Scotland and around the world to our customers at competitive prices where ever they are around the world.

      What's different about the whisky we sell?

      Our product range is constantly changing as we source the latest releases as soon as they become available. We also have a unique selection of distillery only bottles that any whisky collector would be keen to add to their collection.

      How can I contact Whisky Estate?

      We have an online chat facility on the website and we have a contact us page with e mail and Whats App details. Just click here Contact Us

      Have a question?

      Please use our online chat service or click here and use the contact us page.

      Will I Recieve An Order Confirmation

      We send your order confirmation to the email address given in your order details immediately. If you can't find your confirmation please check your junk folder and add us to your safe sender list as we will never send you spam emails.

      How long does delivery take?

      Once an order has been dispatched, delivery takes 1 – 2 working days for most US mainland addresses, up to one week for Europe and up to 2 weeks for all other regions of the world.

      Can I buy a gift voucher/card?

      You can purchase e-Gift cards here

      These are for use online only and are sent via email. You can add a personal message and choose the date it is delivered. If you're not sure of the recipient's email address you can enter your own and print out the email at home to gift.

      Our shops also sell gift vouchers for use in store only, but these must be purchased in store.

      Does Whisky age within the bottle?

      Whisky does not age within the bottle; it ages within the cask. For example, a 10-year-old Whisky has been 'casked' for 10 years and then bottled, unlike with Wine, the year that it has been bottled won't make a difference to the taste.

      How long is Whisky kept within the cask?

      Every Whisky is casked for different amounts of time. The more expensive whiskies would generally have been casked for a longer period of time, and the time it's taken to mature would have then affected the price.

      Should I add water to the Whisky?

      Adding water to whisky is a personal preference; by doing so, the whisky becomes a little smoother, and the nosing aroma is more apparent as it reduces the alcohol strength. A dash or even just a few drops of water is often enough to make a difference to the taste, smell and look of your whisky.

      What does 'peaty' mean when describing Whisky?

      Peat is best described as decaying vegetation that has formed over thousands of years. Some peat bogs can be woody, while other peat can be watery; it all depends on the land. This is then harvested, cut up into small pieces of ‘sod’, stacked and left to dry. Over a period of 2 to 3 weeks, the pieces of peat dry out, and the remaining material is tough peat ‘bricks’ that contain more energy than coal.

      The peat is then burnt within the distilleries, and the grain is then exposed to the smoke of the burning peat. This then brings the smoke into contact with the grain, giving the whisky a peaty taste. The amount of time the grain is exposed to the peat smoke determines the whiskey's taste and the peat's strength, adjusting the spirit’s flavour.

      What are the best glasses for Whisky?

      There are variations of whisky glasses. The traditional tumbler is still commonly used, but the Glencairn Whisky Glass is the most popular and widely used by drinkers, connoisseurs, and distillers.

      Can I sell my whisky with The Whisky Estate?

      Yes! We regularly buy individual bottles and collections for our archive and we even help customers place their bottles in our rolling auctions. If you are looking to sell a bottle or a collection of bottles

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