Dalmore 25 Year Old 2021

$ 1,000.00

Hard to be patient for. The 2021 edition of Dalmore’s 25 Year Old single malt whisky has arrived, and its nothing less than you would expect. Aged in American white oak to begin with, it then underwent a second maturation in Palomino Fino sherry butts, and first fill bourbon casks. But that’s not all. It then underwent another maturation, marrying these two spirits together in bourbon barrels, and then finally in Tawny Port pipes. We rarely come across a maturation so delicate and complex, but one taste and you will understand why.

Figs, freshly baked sponge cake, pineapple, vanilla, and winey notes arrive on the nose. The palate is fruity, with fruitcake, dates, citrus, and chocolate present. The finish is sweet, and full of notes of dark chocolate, gingerbread cookies, treacle, and spice.



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