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$ 4,300.00

Harvest sun.

Nutmeg, sweet Earl Grey tea, orange caramel, lemon-grass, kaffir lime, soy sauce and polished oak.

Wood and curry spice, Earl Grey tea, treacle sweetness, aniseed. Slightly salty with a complex umami feel.

Long, viscous, complex and savoury.

ABV 57.5%



The first release in the Distil Your World series, made in collaboration with the Roca brothers, The London Edition captures the vibrant character of London. Aromas of nutmeg, fragrant Early Grey tea, lime, oak and caramel fill the nose, complemented on the palate by notes of raisins, treacle tarts and cinnamon spiceDistil Your World: The London Edition is a character led whisky with encapsulating nuances of orange caramel, curry spice and Earl Grey tea, rare to find in The Macallan single malts, this expression takes the taste buds and imagination on a journey of discovery, bringing London’s soul and unique character to life.

Seeking out these distinctive flavours among thousands of casks was a complex and highly skilled process, but Steven Bremner and the Roca brothers’ mastery of flavour, aroma and craftsmanship enabled them to distil the essence of London into a remarkable whisky.


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