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Whisky Is Good For You

It’s open season for influenza and us mere mortals are easy pickings! We know this time of year well. We sit anxiously at our desks, playing Russian roulette with our colleagues as to who will be struck down with Sue from accounting’s lurgy next!

For once, science has brought us some good tidings that proves it’s not all doom and gloom. Whisky my friends, is good for you! It is your ally in this winter war against the sniffles. For the cure-less common cold whisky may in fact lessen the symptoms. We’re looking at you Hot Toddy! HT, the classic winter warmer of whisky, honey, lemon and hot water that your great Aunt swears by! Where the hot water lessens nasal congestion, the alcohol itself dilates the blood vessels allowing your mucus membranes to fight off the infection!  WOAH!

It got us thinking…why stop at a hot toddy? We may not be dr’s here at HOM but we do know our whiskies so using the principles listed above, here are our suggestions to ease your seasonal ailments!

Arran Gold Latte

Cream liqueur and steamed milk meld seamlessly together with dark, rich espresso cutting through the sweetness.  The caffeine in the coffee also has pain killing properties that will directly target a head cold and clear the fog a little.

50ml Arran Gold

1 shot of espresso

200ml steamed milk

Scotch Coffee

John Dolan; Photographer; 2017.07

A highland twist on the Irish classic. Big sherry cask whisky nods from Glendronach and rich and aromatic tones from the cafetière coffee. Not forgetting a generous helping of whipped cream.

50ml of Glendronach 12

200ml Medium Roast Cafetière coffee with a spoonful of brown sugar

However much whipped cream you can handle

Cinnamon sugar for dusting

Spiked Apple and Ginger

This one has both vitamins to get you back to fighting strength and ginger, a natural cure for stomach woes. Take equal parts Apple Juice and Ginger Ale and bring to a simmer, add a couple of cloves and a stick of cinnamon. Pour into your favourite mug, jar or goblet of fire and add a generous shot of Bourbon. Garnish with an orange slice for yet more vitamin goodness.

100ml Apple Juice

100ml Ginger Ale

50ml Bourbon (we suggest FEW or Elijah Craig)

2 cloves

1 Cinnamon Stick

1 slice of Orange

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